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Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Greatest Deception

Deception by Matthew James
The so called 'physical world' is the greatest deception. All that you see around you is not how it seems. Its not how it really is. It is made by false perceptions beamed into your mind, interpreted by the left brain hive mind ... and force fed into your awareness fay after day, after day. It's not real ... its a holographic transmission of a memory world.

In reality you are in a deep sleep ... and this physical world is the dream you dream. You are deceived into thinking it is the only reality.

The physical world is a memory of what once was; a world that is likely to be no more. We are deceived ... this is not the only reality. We are not worthless and alone. We are not sinners and a cosmic accident. These deceits are used to contain our consciousness within this grid of fear.

Your perceptions are being hijacked. Your consciousness linked to a life memory within a sophisticated computer. You merely follow a path laid down by a consciousness who went before you. The life you lead is like an avatar in a hi tech virtual reality. The earth a world to explore while you dream ... it isn't real.