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Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Shadows At The Base Of The Tree

Watch this space ... I'm considering airing my first LIVE MJTV broadcast as a live show streamed via You Tube. I have a unique platform idea ... documentary/live show/music/topical discussions etc ... which I've had in my mind space for a while.

What concerns me are the shadows that collect at the base of my tree. The weasels and stoats that are ready to copy everything I do. Something that is secret is no longer secret once the ace is played, sadly. 

So I'm relying on some market research and expressions of interest to guide me. This is a unique idea ... a new psychic vibe so to speak. The only vibe I am interested in at the moment. A new direction, a new inspiration. Shadows will always gather and I feel privileged by the amount of influence I have actually had in recent years! Little do the shadows realise how much having Matthew James around has changed their way of thinking. By copying my ideas they have taken my power onboard and that energy has changed their perceptions and their ideas. This is why I don't really care about copycats once I have a concept up and running which is originally mine. I am not a copycat myself ... I am a wild seer, a chaos magician. I merge, cut and paste many spiritual directions and transform that energy into my own methodology. I find it works best that way.

Hence my unique live stream idea. Methinks it will happen ... I just don't know when is the right time to launch. If you are on Facebook. Perhaps you could let me know on my public figure page Matthew James Medium ... ? If you are on Twitter let me know on there .... thanks