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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Warning ....Another Perception Deception

How can they say that hate crime has increased since BREXIT? Think about it ... before engaging brain. Think before reacting. This is a PERCEPTION DECEPTION from the WREXIT BREXIT TEAM ...  hate crime UP 51% ... really?

This DAILY MAIL story is a real wind up ...

Halal butchers is destroyed after thugs throw petrol bomb at it as it emerges race-hate crime soars by 57% days after Britain votes to quite the EU

BE WARNED ... there will be plenty more PERCEPTION DECEPTION in the coming weeks. Brussels wishes the EU countries to be one super power where each country loses its sovereignty and its rights to self rule. The people's of the countries will be enslaved in a fascist super state. Meanwhile, the UK which has been condemned for its people exerting their right to speak out are now being forced back into the super power, lest they become a ruined nation outside of that castle walls. Those who remember before the EU ... back in the days of the 'Common Market' ... know the UK DOESN'T NEED THE EU. But those in the 17 - 35 age group have been brainwashed into believing there is no life outside of the EU. It's all PERCEPTION DECEPTION. It's all a WHATEVER MOMENT.