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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Path Of Mem

Challenges by Matthew James
Mem, the mother letter of water, links Geburah's carrying out of cosmic law with Hod's concentration of energy into forms. Mem teaches that the manipulation of forms in Hod must submit to Geburah's higher will.

Mem means 'water', the reflective waters of consciousness, flowing from Kether through Gimel. The job of our consciousness is to transmit impulses between the will and the planes of form. It should enable us to be firmly guided by the true (divine) will, not the limited ideas adopted by the personality. Then Mem will become "The Stable Intelligence  because it has the virtue of consistency among all its numerations".

The order of divine will is superior to and differ from the concepts developed by human language and culture. Therefore the process of Mem challenges our concepts of order and chaos, known and unknown. It stretches the waters of consciousness into the collective domain, where, as described by C.G.Jung: "all life flows in suspension", under divine will.

The limitations of knowing are sacrificed. The Hanged Man, the tarot trump, suggests Mem as a process of reversal and crucifixion upon the alter of (watery) consciousness. All known forms and judgment must be left behind in order to experience the higher reality, where all opposites are reconciled. As dictated by the will, it is not a matter of choice, but of more>>>...