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Friday, 24 June 2016

Cards Explained

Card 1

“So much of human life is inexplicable and unpredictable. It happens by the simple fact that there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t. When we make any plans we always assume we can account for the foreseeable based on the known parameters in life. We cannot account for the inexplicable or the unforeseeable. We must accept the unforeseeable exists”

Card 2

“A trait of being human is the experience of nostalgia. Looking back into earlier years to remember how things once were. We may not be able to make things exactly the same, as they were, but we are able to adjust our lives by re- inventing ourselves based on what we remember from those halcyon days."
Card 3

“Often there are times we know to be competitive and stand up for what we believe in. To speak out against those who oppose us because we instinctively know we are right. It takes courage to really focus on knowing what is right especially when faced with the fear of what others will think of us. In these moments it is necessary to implicitly trust the voice that speaks from within. It will not fail you ."