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Monday, 27 June 2016

Collective Egregore

We would be foolish to think that everything was laid out for us. Our existence is more to the universe than that. So we've fallen from grace, dropped out of the garden and into these material realms. At the mercy of The Archon, we appear to always be at the mercy of the darker fate. But that is only true when you look from one perspective. That side of the car can clearly be seen to be damaged and worth little more than scrap value. But, when you look at the other side of the car, with its pristine, undamaged body work, you see life as a very worthy prize indeed. A different perspective. It all depends how your mind is wired, and how you perceive reality. Its all down to the thought forms you create in your physical incarnation. Because it is these thought forms that make your life filled with bliss or immersed in pain. Its down to the mind. Its down to what you attract to yourself.

There is a master plan. And its likely to be a chaotic free for all. A 'for entertainment purposes only' software program, where you are equipped with the tools to survive ... and those tools are personal power. The ability to manifest what you think into reality. The ability to create what you dream, what you desire and also what you fear. It is also possible to 'un-create' too ... everything that has been made can be unmade. It can be un-thought. It can just as easily be taken out of existence. This is one of 'the cheats' that they don't tell you about when you press the play button on this virtual reality program. 

By having sufficient energy pointed towards unthinking that which is no longer wanted or needed by the collective, we can create a egregore that will wipe out command programming that can rewrite the reality we exist in. An anti-virus to rout out the nasty effects of the selfishness in this world. It is possible. It is a viable proposition that all the wrongly done to victims in this world need to know about. As a collective we can construct this mighty egregore. We can outwit the 3% that control this world. We have that power to overcome their spells that create fear in this world. That fear generates the perceptions that are bringing their desired reality into existence. We are writing the command lines they wish us to create. They merely watch as we destroy this world on our own. We need to stop before it is too late.

We need to realise how powerful we really are. We need to realise how frightened of us that 3% really are. Then we need to combine our minds and create the anti-virus egregore that will sever their hold on this world. On this reality. It needs to be undertaken soon.