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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Forbidden Doors

Enigmatic by Matthew James
As if the shock waves of Agenda 21 won't be enough. For those that survive the manufactured storms; the manufactured famine and starvation; the enforced homelessness and euthanasia; the false perception making media and technology and much more ... there is then the realisation of what they have in store for mankind then.

And remember, they intend that only one third of our current population is going to remain on this planet, in controlled corridors of land across the globe. A remaining population of slaves to a tyrannical hierarchy. A population of mind controlled, micro chipped drones linked into a hive mind. Mindless zombies who will be watched 24/7, told what to think and what to do. A population completely separated from free thinking and universal consciousness. A population who will not be able to ever think for themselves again ... that will be bad enough.

But there will be worse. What they have planned behind closed doors is the most chilling and mind blowing thing of all. It's out of a science fiction novel. It is something nobody would ever conceive not in a million years. But they have it on the agenda ... once the environment and the atmosphere of the planet is how they want it. They care not about the global warming or the pollution in the skies. The want the air to be toxic in readiness for the arrival of their alien nation. Yes, alien nation ... you read it right.

The doors will swing open wide. Those doors they so cunningly created with the dropping of the atomic bombs and the experimentation below the ground and in secret places around the earth. The very doors deemed as forbidden ... that which the ancient races managed to close. But the dark ones returned ... at first fearful of being recognised. So they infiltrated the minds of influence and worked so tirelessly creating ... and formulating a means for their return. That time is so very close. Soon they will have full access once more to this world - Matthew James