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Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Reading On Brexit Using The Light Of Truth Oracle

Clearly SOMETHING is about to change. But there needs to be a distinct caution as to what. It is not what it appears to be! The two images to the left, TRANSFORMATION and PROGRESSION contain the moon in the image. Indeed TRANSFORMATION is The Moon card equivalent in the Light Of Truth Oracle. There is a deception and a smokescreen. A definite problem, reaction, solution here ... the problem being presented in the world media. The British people have spoken, but now there is a problem being born out of this fact. Which is the current reaction. Apparent reaction. A smokescreen mark my words. Its only an opinion at this stage. Its not a fact yet that the UK will  leave the EU. The reaction is to create fear, and make everyone think it is the wrong decision. 

The TRUE SELF and INSPIRATION represent the right for the truth and the true decision. We think this is going to inspire us all with a true revealing. I don't think so. This has been planned ... I say a ballot fix for Brexit to win. A deception. Either way - won or lose - there was going to be the same plan manifested. 

THE LIGHT OF TRUTH card is all about 'why is something manifested, because it can' scenario. This is all about guiding people along an avenue by creating a false perception. Yes a false perception. Don't let the media deception affect your DECISION MAKING. They want a negative reaction so they can offer a solution. A so called compromise ... which is what they wanted all along. They see us as mice in a maze, offer hope then generate fear and we will go down a corridor with our perceptions and reactions ... a corridor they want us to go down.

Brexit will change little. Except it will put into play the plan The Elite had in store for us. This will be dark times indeed. Certainly for the UK people, who are going to be blamed for some kind of financial crash that is about to unfold. They needed something to blame for what they had planned ... this is another clever deceitful step towards a one world government, Mark my words.

We as a collective have too few free thinking individuals who are able to step back and see the deception going on here. The bulk will get carried away by the fear and the emotions falsely created by this deception. Mark my words.