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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Telepathy: Explosive new scientific analysis claims some autistic children have psychic abilities

News Target: New research suggests that some children who have been diagnosed as falling on the autism spectrum may actually possess telepathic and psychic abilities that set their unusual behavior apart from that of others. These “savants,” as some experts are calling them, may or may not have the capacity to demonstrate these abilities in a visible way, but what’s going on inside their heads is believed to tell a much more interesting story about the unique “super” abilities that science increasingly suggests they quietly possess. While it was formerly believed that autistic children who are unable to communicate the same way as other children are somehow lacking in cognition and verbal function, some of the latest science suggests that they simply have a different “skill set,” so to speak. Their brains are not only fully functional, in other words, but they may also have greater mental abilities than the average person, potentially including the ability to communicate without more>>>...