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Friday, 17 March 2017

A Different Sense Of Awareness

Image copyright Matthew James 2017
This is a truly transformative time for most of us. The world of the material presents distractions that lead us away from the simple facts that are all around us. There is a vibrational shift being undertaken by the universal consciousness which we share the same skin with. Our universe changes, therefore so do we. We are made from the same thought form aethers as the universe. We are part of the omnipresent ONE. We are NOT separated from it.

Your constant 'now' reality apparently remains the same, or if it does change, it changes in the form you are conditioned into thinking it changes into, That is only if you fall for the falsehoods fed to the intellectual hive mind - the left brain which is the receiver of the material plane distracts -  that is IF you believe the lies taught every day by the distractors.

If you listen to your inner self, however,  you hear a completely different story. You will see a different reality. 'But surely that is only imagination', you say, for that is what you are taught to think. But the imagination is the KEY - it is the answer. Imagination is the right brain which is the receiver of the spiritual visions and truths. By connecting to and feeling the right brain's truths you will see the changes, and you will know they are there. And they are not small changes.

Your life is already a zillion leagues away from where it was a year or so ago. Your whole perception of self and where you fit in the universe has shifted, somehow. It has a different quality, and a different pace ... a different VIBRATION.  You need to inspect where your reality sits to see how different everything has become. It is a discernible thing. It is like a different heart beat ... a different sense of awareness ... it's time you checked it out to see it for yourself - Matthew James