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Monday, 20 March 2017

One Year Ago To The Day

Over The Persian Gulf - copyright Matthew James 2016
This time last year we were on our way back to the UK for the first time in 10 years. I can still remember the anticipation and the excitement to be going back to my roots after such a long time away.

In accordance with my own brand of Numerology - Soul Numerology - the opportunity to travel occurred out of the blue. The essence of the YEAR THREE VIBRATION I had entered this time last year. The three is my 'life style change' year when the universe decides the direction you are meant to take.

The flights were booked in November 2015 at the height of the frustrations of the Year Two Vibration. My patience was being tested with too many dangled carrots, and then out of the blue, the need to return to the UK arrived. It was exactly at the right time and in conjunction with the arrival of the Year Three in March 2016. Thus it meant we were travelling to the UK at my soul numerology's 'New Year' ...

And now, as I venture into my Year Four Vibration - what I know as the 'Soul Foundation Building' year - the new direction is beginning to take shape and momentum. The characteristics of this year is that the movement, and reinforcement of the new direction, goes below ground as the foundations of the new life are being built like the foundations of a building. The effects of the year, according to my own market research undertaken during readings over the last 25 years, take shape in late August this year. I can't wait - Matthew James