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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Playing Right Into Their Hands

The level of psychic awareness and training, that appears on the surface to be out there, is very disturbing. Compared with the standards and the disciplines of the 80's and 90's, today's 'developed' psychics and sensitives are not even in the same league as the 'first step in the open circle' fledglings of the past. The standard has slipped, and ignorance makes the majority totally unaware.

It is frightening to think what will be the norms set in the next generations. There is too much emphasis on titles and the accessories. Too little training on discernment and control of the ego.

It is a scary landscape.The teachers of the 80's and 90's would have not have tolerated the poor standards that are circulating the psychic industry at this time. Around 75% of practising psychics, yes 75%, are not ready for professional work. If they'd been around in the halcyon days, when it was service to their clients, and not their pockets or ego, they would still be the amateur fledglings learning their trade. Not wander-lusting over their titles and getting out there before they are ready. Would you eat bread that has not yet risen? Or wine that is still in the demijohn? Would you have your teeth extracted by someone who's read how to remove teeth on the internet? Would you use a midwife who has been watching You Tube videos? NO! Then why are these amateur, still in training, psychics being allowed to dabble with your most important assets? Your sanity and your soul?

They are not ready. The damage they are creating is catastrophic. Both short term and long term. Those agencies that promote the non-existence of the other side, and the extra senses,  must love the way the psychic industry is fragmented and full of charlatans. IT DOES THEIR WORK FOR THEM, by destroying the hard work that the 5% do! The long term damage is what these agencies are craving. Psychic ability and everything that lies beyond it, is being discredited and pulled apart bit by bit. Well done amateur wannabe psychics, pat yourself on the back ... you are tarnishing the name of psychic ability. Well done!