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Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Endless Ascent

To get to HERE has been sheer hard work and total dedication to the path dictated by the inner self. Along the twists and turns; riding the HIGHS and the lows. The endless burning of blind faith energy. The unknowns. The knowns. The blunders and wrong turnings. It is not meant to be EASY. The path of the arrow is not for everyone. It is the road that leads to madness. But it is an effective way of awakening.

Now, after 45 YEARS of walking this route, I can say I've reached a destination, but it is only a point on a much LONGER route. It is just a resting point on a path that lifts unforgivably to an unknown summit. I'm on that journey. A MOUNTAIN GOAT rather than the sheep. Not caring if I'm alone on this quest; not needing others to follow me on this pilgrimage. I'm an uncaring.

DEDICATION makes you get through the tough times, so you appreciate those days when it appears to be PLAIN SAILING. But there is no time for any complacency, as some cosmic force is always observing your venture. It is so easy to be put back at SQUARE #1 having to retrace those hard earned steps up the gargantuan pyramid.

It is not for the FEINT HEARTED. There are many who consider themselves on the journey, but alas would you wear high heels on a snow clad mountain peak? I think not. They consider themselves correctly equipped, but sadly it is not their choosing. They may not be permitted to wander the higher slopes in this, or any incarnation. Not until they are successful in connecting with their inner light, and exhibiting that light externally. At that time their false ego, and the need for recognition and adoration must surely fade. Only then will the way be open to the higher climbs.

45 years is a long time to be venturing alone. But alas that is how it has been. It is now my WAY OF LIFE unless the powers decide to send me a walking companion. Until then I take this breather, have good look at the scenery, then in my own time commence my ascent once more - Matthew James