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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

'A new future for Britain': Theresa May gathers her Cabinet as she prepares to make history by FINALLY triggering Article 50 to cut ties with the EU

Daily Mail: Britain sets sail into bright a new era today as Theresa May formally begins our divorce from the EU. Eight months after the people delivered their verdict in the referendum, the UK will pass the point of no return when the letter triggering Article 50 is handed to European Council President Donald Tusk at around 12.30pm.

Mrs May is briefing the Cabinet on the task ahead this morning, after putting her signature to the historic document. It has been couriered to Brussels overnight, and is in the possession of the UK's ambassador Sir Tim Barrow, who has arrived at his offices in the city. The exact location of the handover has been kept a closely-guarded secret amid fears of disruption by Europhiles.

In a statement to MPs schedule for the same moment Mr Tusk receives the official notification, the PM will make a bold appeal for national unity amid the tough negotiations to more>>>...