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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

'Unnatural structures' on the moon are evidence of an alien base that Nasa is hiding, claim conspiracy theorists

Daily Mail: An 'alien structure' has been spotted rising off the surface of the moon, UFO hunters claim.

The disc-like object could be a mobile lunar base for aliens, according to the latest bizarre theory.

The radical claim has been made by controversial UFO channel SecureTeam10 who believes Nasa is covering up evidence of aliens.

The images were taken by the Nasa Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the moon for the last seven years. 

The UFO hunters posted a series of photos taken by the satellite which show a disc-like object from different angles.

They have claimed that the unusual structure appears at different points of the moon's surface, suggesting that the object is moving around.

They added that one image captures the disc-like object in the sky above the moon, suggesting that the structure could be a 'mobile alien base' more>>>...

LITD OPINION: Interestingly we have found it is possible to photograph a 'tower like' structure on The Moon with a standard Nikon P610 Coolpix camera. The most compelling part of this is the fact that another attempt a few days later to capture the same tower like structure in the same location on the Moon was not possible - as the structure had disappeared!