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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Responsibility In The Field of Magicks

Copyright Matthew James 2017
Responsibility can be a very tiring thing. It calls for patience, dedication and consistency. The destiny of souls are shaped by your words and your intentions. The power of your voice is an enchantment, a magic, that HAS a serious impact on EVERY single soul who you work for.

They place their hopes, their dreams and their consciousness in your hands. They rely on you to see a way through the undefined, the non-manifest tides of energy that mill around the NOW. They have sub-consciously asked you to manifest a LIFE PATH through into the FUTURE. In truth they are hoping you can manifest a future for them. Something better than they cannot see themselves because their own consciousness has been backed against a wall of non-moving energy. They hope you can shift those obstacles for them, to help them move forwards again.

It is a HUGE responsibility and not one to be taken on board by the feint hearted. But so many enter into the FIELD OF MAGICKS (Psychic Mediumship) without ever comprehending the enormity of the responsibility. People hang on your words, they come to you, seeing you as a 'Hope Dealer' ... someone who they can offload their troubles onto, and someone who they can lean on when it has all gone wrong. You cannot say just ANYTHING to them. You cannot fob the responsibility off by saying people have 'the right of freewill' to make a choice in conjunction with your words. That choice is passed over to you during a consultation. The damage which can be done, is done during the consultation and the freewill choice is often taken away at the same time. It is therefore an ENORMOUS role being a consistent, accurate, dedicated 'mystic' in these situations. There is a tremendous amount of training required, it is not a five minute option, or something you undertake after a 'development workshop' ... no, it is something on a par with training as a Brain Surgeon, A very serious undertaking ... Matthew James