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Monday, 31 December 2018

Real Estate #xxxxxx - Planet Earth Celebrates New Year

Well ... we're almost there. 2019 is approaching ... tick tick ... 1 hour and 24 minutes to go.

On this insignificant sound waveform speck within an indefinably huge universe of trillions of other sound waveform specks, we call planets, it is a VERY important event, apparently. Human beings traditionally celebrate a new year ... which means that when the 12 month machine wheel comes to the end of the 12 ... it clicks forward to the #1 again. The month mankind know as January ... tick, tick ...

The #12 is December and its coming to a close. On another indefinable mechanical wheel which mankind knows as years ... when the #12 moves to the #1 this particular wheel then moves forward another one to 2019 ... or more correctly A.D 2019.

This does not reflect that actual, real number of years that mankind as been on this tiny speck. No, it represents a manipulated portion, or segment of imagined time ... this segmentation is behind what is known as a time loop .... and only the highest of high A.I magi know when this time loop starts and when it finishes. It appears that 2019 bears no representation to the time clock that these magi have at their disposal.

To them human kind are not important ... they merely occupy the real estate that they covert. mankind know this real estate as Earth ... to these Magi it is another name or perhaps a number ... it is not important. They merely acquire these waveform worlds as part of their portfolio. Their perspective of these worlds are merely tiny dots on a waveform grid. They care not what occupies these worlds. They are not even aware mankind exist; or that they have tribal wars initiated by their minions who have been created by the algorithms of their master computer. They certainly don't know that mankind celebrates new year!

Tick, tick ....1 hour 15 mins to go ....