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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Finding Peace in Chaos for the New Year

Waking Times: As we close out 2018, and welcome in 2019, we as a humanity can create a world of chaos or peace. But before we begin, we need to be able to understand how we co-create one over the other.

In Gematria, the word “chaos” reduces in numerology to the number 19. The practice of coding words into numbers and numbers into words is known as Gematria in Hebrew, and Isopsephy in Greek.

The word gematria means geometry within language.

Gematria goes back to Babylon and Freemasonry. It is the language in use by Freemasons today in the media. Members of Freemasonry are commonly called masons (builders of Temples). They are scholars of the Bible, especially the Torah, based in Kabbalah, as admitted by notable members and authors of the fraternity, such as Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall, both of the 33rd °, a top honor in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

News headlines are all coded in the language of Gematria by those who control the narrative where words are spells as a way to promote an elite ruling class who control what plays out in the world. Words have frequencies, just like thoughts and actions have frequencies. The media is a Playbook where All the world is a stage.

What if all the stories in the media are all scripted for a purpose? more>>>...