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Sunday, 30 December 2018

An Intuitive Look At 2019

The Merlin Tarot cards, to the right, represent the intuitive overall vibration for 2019. The cards appear to be harbingers of more trying times ... it's hard to generalise for a race that is experiencing every emotion, every act and every possible scenario, collectively, on Planet Earth. So these five images will be correct ... as they represent the human race on planet earth.

However, looking at the ONE being that we are collectively; that overall sound vibration that all our individual sounds make; the ONE can be seen as The Fool, teetering on the edge of the cliff as the lemming awaiting the jump it appears to have to make. The ONE has been pushed by invisible forces to the edge of that cliff. The Apple Woman with the scythe - the robbed figure on Death ... appears to represent the enforced transformation The ONE is about to have to make. The change of life to something else; so its existence will never be the same again.

The words 'disaster', 'sorrow' represent the vibrations The ONE will face in 2019. The numbers 10 and 5 are the numbers for these realisations. We intuitively mark 10.5.2019 in our diary as a date or threshold of concern. We may well hear the news of something relating to water or incredible emotion around this time. We fear a 'disaster' around this date. Sadly.

On a final note 'doubt' is the vibration for the invisible force represented by Death. Somehow there is not certainty this transformation can be initiated by this event on, or around 10.5.2019. Will something take place and will it have the desired effect the invisible force requires.