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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Is This Earth On A Different Dimension - Time To Unthink The Hidden Hand

We are reaching the end of another 'year' on this virtual reality we know as Planet Earth. Very soon that cycle of 12 will click back to #1 and the year 2019 AD will commence ...

... and so we will have another Christmas and another New Year behind us. Soon to be forgotten; or vaguely remembered by some. But not one of us will be able to recall all the details of these days in say 3 months time.

It's like now ... if you try to cast your mind back 3 months to the end of September 2018, what can you remember? What did you eat for your evening meal at the end of September? What did you talk about with those close around you? It's all a blank - yes? It feels as if its all been wiped clean; like it didn't exist ... say hello to the constant now. We've said before that all we have is the now observation point ... well test our thesis by remembering something more than scant isolated things that about your past say ten years ago. Your conscious mind knows that certain events happened ... but how well can you recall them? Can you relive them? No?

It feels almost as if nothing happened in the past. That you've not come from the past; yet you know those events took place? They must have happened? You've photographic memories and video recordings and diary entries ... so they happened for sure. But your memory banks can't raise the exact details for those events. It's a frustrating reality for the majority of us. Yet, there are always exceptions to the rules. Are they the lucky ones to be able to remember? Or would it be a curse to be able to replay all that has happened to you? Perhaps its better that you don't.

Then we get random flashbacks of places and faces and things we thoughts; what we did. So random it is frustrating. And they say it will all be reviewed when we leave this virtual shore behind. Well, here's to the future, with a task; a homework. Why not begin to train your mind to remember. To keep a retrieval copy of what you did this New Year ... train your mind to remember.

We feel it might be important ... especially if The Hidden Hand are somehow tampering with our pasts ... with the events that once took place; which is ruining our life lines; hence why we are struggling to remember events. Perhaps many of those events now didn't take place ... even though we know we experienced them. What happens if we are no longer in the same dimension as we were. What happens if we are on a different earth that appears the same but it is in another dimension? Perhaps this is the purpose of the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and others we don't know about? 

Is The Hidden Hand tampering with time and time continuums? They appear to be tampering with everything else ... so why not time itself. Welcome thus to our way of thinking. To our open mindedness ... and the dream exploration we are undertaking. The very foundations of the virtual reality we find ourselves in, are being tampered with. The software program that runs this strange game ... its all being rewritten ... and we are being written out of the program for sure ... and that is what we feel is what is causing the physical manifestations we are witnessing at this time.

A scary possibility ... but how are we going to stop it? Again we stress they are harnessing our thoughts; our imagination and our ability to creatively manifest new sound forms into this virtual world ... we have to stop forced thinking which creates constant perceptions that are our own downfall. We have to adopt free thinking and un-think The Hidden Hand. We've been forced to think them into this reality. So it's time to un-think them! Plus whole lot more things un-thought about!!!