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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Using The Imaginative & Intuitive Functions of the Right Brain

It's essential to be 'right brain active' at this time in human existence. To let your imagination and your intuitive prowess have a strong influence on this 'life'. 

The right brain may prove to be the answer, and the winning card, in the forthcoming 5G radiated world.

Current life trends are essentially left brain captures. Everything is being designed to draw you into machine consciousness; into the fear factor; and into the logical mindedness they need us to have in order to buy into all the '5G and IoT treats' they have in store for us.

We've sussed that the next virtual reality they have planned for us; which will be beamed directly into our artificial intelligence driven minds; will be pretty much like this one. It is likely to be a carbon copy virtual reality of this virtual reality. But with one marked difference. The hive mind implant in the left brain is probably going to be replaced with, or boosted by, an A.I implant which will be of a sufficient frequency to totally suppress any right brain input; or any chance for leaps in consciousness.

It is therefore important, in other words, to retain your own freedom of thinking; your own freedom of choice; and your own imaginative prowess. If you have no excessive right brain input in your life at this time; may we suggest you find a way to kick your right brain and its imaginative/intuitive abilities into gear. Being left brain is like being addicted to a drug or alcohol. It becomes a force of habit to live by logical assessment and assumption.

The time has come to reject any comprehension or caring about gender issues; fake news; Brexit; political correctness; antisemitism; and all the other contrived distractions they use to drag us into the left brain fear factor.

The right brain permits the pineal gland to function correctly; overcome the fears that Sodium Fluoride, Aspartame and other toxins are retarding the pineal gland and other parts of the body. By believing they do, they will! The mind is such a powerful instrument. It can overcome most set backs and dis-eases (The mind that is self aware of writing this post has overcome a broken back; major bowel reconstruction; a fatal bout of necrotising Pancreatitis; septic shock; collapsed lungs; severe pneumonia, amongst other things.) basically by unthinking those symptoms and negatives. Unthinking programmings and impulses negates those effects. One of the multiple functions of the right brain. With the pineal gland in action, magic occurs.

Self awareness becomes a natural state of being. As does the ability to lift your frequency and vibration by positive awareness. Things don't go away, they just become unimportant. They simply are no longer a point of awareness. Energy will no longer goes to that which is not thought about anymore. Which means those things the hidden hand want us to linger on, and be fearful about, are no longer important.

Your consciousness is then emptied of those things that hold it down at the levels the hidden hand want it to be. It focuses on higher things, and the right brain's imaginative and intuitive functions help keep the self-awareness topped up. Finding creative pursuits and applying them in your life, no matter how little, will have a dramatic effect on your frequency range. When you start to feel good about yourself, and lift your levels of self confidence, amazing things happen.