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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

Daily Om: The body isn't a physical object but a state of constant change. Nothing stands still. At every biological level of the body, chemicals are rushing around carrying food, air, and water to 50 trillion cells.

Just as important, messages from the brain reach every cell so that literally your heart, liver, skin, and digestive tract are participating in everything you experience in life. A hundred different processes being flawlessly orchestrated amounts to one process holistically, which we call the body.

Once you start seeing this one process as the basis of every experience you will ever have, you can use your attention and intention to reinvent your body. In fact, seeing your body as a process of constant flow and flux is the reinvention.

It is necessary to see that the basis of your body is timeless. Every atom and molecule is unaffected by age, and at the quantum level every atom and molecule is grounded in the quantum field, which is beyond time. Consciousness doesn't age. If you think the word "rhinoceros," this thought is the same whether you are seven or 70.

If you appreciate from the outset that you are a consciousness-based creature, then the timelessness is your baseline. The trick is to remain timeless. That is done through living as consciously as possible. Every day you have the choice to do, think, and say those things that make you evolve or not. As long as you are evolving, the deterioration we call aging will be slowed down or reversed. Certainly there are some things, like the core beliefs I spoke about, that need never more>>>...