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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

An Alter Ego of The Black Panther? Hello Captain Marvel

And now we have the Black Panther under another name (or maybe its a best buddy, or work colleague, or his Daddy). Whoever it is, I still find it totally funny that keyboard warriors have nothing better to do than send me such stupid comments!

'Don't MOCK ME. You are messing with the wrong dude' - Captain Marvel

'I eat snakes for fun; you are a little shitty worm' - Captain Marvel

'The eyes are ON you infidel. You're days are the least they can be. Mock me and you mock them.' - Captain Marvel

So sayeth a very sinister mind. I've gleaned it is the same person. I can't be bothered doing an IP address check. I know it will reveal who it is. I'm trying to unravel his mentality and his grudge against me. I don't know him from Adam. He's perhaps the stalker I had on Google + who slagged off my photos months back. You get them ... it's funny. End of story.

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