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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Humans - It's Time To See What Is Really Before You

Human living is a recurrent circle going round and round; daily routines follow the same pattern from a morning rise to a human head touching a pillow to sleep; creatures of habit, humans willingly permit the 'security of familiarity'.

It may be the downfall of human kind, in the end.

For it is hard for most to break a habit; the addiction of routine; and try to think in different ways. Human perception has so much potential; but it has so easily been limited into the 'needle in the groove'.

Just how are humans going to get out of the mess they've been pushed into? The deep hole with slippery sides? Even with the obvious staring them straight in the eyes, most humans refuse to break from the thought processes they have been taught to follow.

'The cat is out of the bag', and 'the lady protests too much'; two classic sayings to describe exactly what is happening right now. The petrified beast and its 1% elite lackeys are trying to pull the wool back over human eyes. Human 'life' is being dismantled, and a prison cell created all around. Everything is fake news; false media; falsehoods and deceptions. But STILL the lobotomised and mentally damaged humans fail to see what lies all around. The New World Order's plans are almost in tatters because of those brave souls who've exposed their hidden agendas.

But sadly, those brave souls are now being slated by the fake media as 'conspiracy theorists' and 'mentally insane' and far worse ...

But still the 99% refuse to see what is before their eyes. A herd of Trojan Horses stand before them ... and they think the 1% are being kind with their insane rules; absurd laws; freedom pinching; toxin vaccines and poisons; sinister technology. The 99% really think the 1% are all heart and have their best interests at heart.

WAKE UP HUMANS AND SEE WHAT IS REALLY BEFORE YOU. Think differently before it is too late. Shake off the enchantments and see the truth at last.

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