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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Cancer solved? “Eastern Medicine” documentary registration launches today, showcases anti-cancer secrets across 7 Asian nations

Natural News: Western medicine still hasn’t solved the scourge of cancer. In fact, the Western medical system continues to push toxic chemotherapy, deadly radiation and radical surgery as the only “official” treatments for cancer. None of them work. They all cause more cancer.

But what if cancer has already been solved outside the narrow-minded, pharma-corrupted system of Western medicine?

A 7-part documentary, with registration launching today, brings you answers found across Eastern Medicine. The professionally-produced documentary is called Eastern Medicine – Journey Through Asia, and it’s an exclusive look at natural cancer treatments, available only through our film partner linked below (Netflix and Amazon are now banning all films about holistic health, believe it or not).

Documenting an incredible journey through 7 Asian countries, this extraordinary film delves into the answers for cancer that have been valued and practiced throughout Asia for literally thousands of years. Remember, nearly 5,000 years ago, Chinese Medicine had already figured out how to stop viral pandemics using potent anti-viral herbs. Since then, knowledge about natural medicine has blossomed even further, and individual nations have perfected their own forms of naturopathic medicine that Western doctors would consider “miraculous” in its safety and effectiveness.

With the tech giants increasingly censoring all information about healing, disease prevention, nutrition and naturopathy, it is critical that we spread the word about this documentary and get this knowledge into the hands of those who need a miraculous healing gift. Mother Nature, it turns out, provides an abundance of miracles. We simply have to be wise enough to recognize them.

Spread the word. “Eastern Medicine – Journey through Asia” registration begins now, and the film goes live on April 3. Register here. And share the following link with anyone else who can benefit:

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