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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Metaphysics of Our Spirituality within the Universal Toroidal Field

Wake Up World: It’s spiritual old hat these days to say “everything is interconnected”. Likewise, it’s spiritual old hat to say that ‘everything is a part of the universal flow’. So… Let’s go deeper.

How does this interconnection work and how does the flow come through you, thereby influencing every thought, emotion and action that you take? Most essentially, how can you effectively centre your consciousness in this natural movement, thereby bringing harmony to your life, and successful manifestation of the things you’re given to create?

To understand – and most importantly apply – these essential realisations of life, we must return to first principles: an overview of how the Universe came into being and how it’s expressing itself right now. Everything we reflect in this sharing, is a relativistic perspective only. It is essential that the all must work to find their own expression of truth from the reflection…

The Universe simply sprang into being from the infinite potential of pure presence. If you apply simple logic, you realise it could not have been from some ‘creator being’, because you’re always left asking where did that come from? Although creative beings have since shaped aspects of the Universe (like the society we live in for example), they did not shape the building ‘material’ of life itself – pure consciousness, of which everything is formed. Pure consciousness is the awareness that sprang from the source as waves of relativity – given infinite time, you have infinite probability that this would happen. Quantum science speaks of ‘ripples in space’ that preceded the big bang. The ripples cascaded outwards in a chain reaction.

This phenomenal explosion from the singularity was then counterbalanced by an equal and opposite flow back inwards. The Universe began its first enormous out-breath, followed practically immediately by a counterbalancing in-breath. The pull back to unity thus created the condensation of the separation consciousness into the myriad of form we now witness today.

It’s wonderful to speculate on the science of this – but it’s much more effective to realise it progressively through your own inner journey back to the source in deep meditation. You come to know yourself as the creative potential from which life arose. Eureka. You’ve come home to the wonder of life! more>>>...

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