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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Toxins in Vaccines: Should You Be Concerned?

David Icke: In a perfect world, vaccinations would fight disease and contain safe ingredients. Sadly this is not reality.

Research has found that many vaccines contain a toxic cocktail of ingredients.

The most widely discussed controversial ingredient is a preservative called thimerosal—a mercury-based compound used in vaccines since the 1930s.

For some time, the media had the public convinced that thimerosal was completely safe.

But when independent researchers evaluated it, they discovered that thimerosal is significantly more toxic than mercury on its own. There’s also evidence that babies who are exposed to thimerosal are at risk for accumulating dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies.

Due to the large public backlash against thimerosal, it is now only used in a select few vaccines. But thimerosal is not the only toxic compound used in vaccines.

Vaccines also contain several other toxic compounds that get considerably less attention than they more>>>...

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