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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Countdown to 21.12.12 - 24 Days

Countdown to the 'End Of Time' 
... 24 days and counting to the supposed end of time. I've been in a rather 'sit back and observe ' mode in recent days. Something is different. Life/reality IS changing. It's much like the satellite broadcast is being adjusted and the picture appears to be the same but it is actually different. 

Everything we see around us; everything we take to be 'life' on this planet; is actually taking place within our heads. What we are witnessing is a holographic projection. It is truly a virtual reality in which our minds are processing information that is being received as electrical impulses. It is all then deciphered and presented to us in the format we experience our physical reality.

It appears something or someone has been tampering with these electrical impulses. The signal seems to be changing somewhat. If this is the 'dimensional shift' that has been associated with 2012 ... then it seems like the whole thing is nothing more than a software upload, or an adjustment in the signal that our minds are being told to process. 

This will seem to be ridiculously profound and 'out there' to many who read this. Fine. This is merely my observations at this time ... in this space ... in this now. Observations based on my own perceptions ... and my own reality. If it is different to yours ... then that's fine.

But I merely report the fact that at T-Minus 24 days and counting to the fabled 'end of time' something is most definitely afoot in Eden. It is perhaps not as apparent as at other points in 2012 ... but it is definitely happening. 

Energies are intensifying. Psychic awareness is certainly increasing to a greater degree ... the veils do seem to be thinning and there is a real wave of expectation in the aether.

So what comes next???