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Friday, 16 November 2012

"Toxic Skies"

They are blatant now with their agenda,
Caring not about who sees their devilry,
No longer a 'conspiracy theory' when its there in plain view,
An unknown intention of which the cattle are not permitted to know …
It hangs above us in the sky,
Trails of white … innocuous in the instant it arrives,

An aerosol plume laid down in the sky by passing jet engines,
Then the trail expands … and expands …
Dispersing slowly … drifting, hanging in the sky …
Until it forms a misty cloudlike structure ….

Toxic skies,
One of the hazards of this age,
Toxic skies,
We, the cattle, don't know for sure what it's for …

But judging by the way it is a well kept secret
It is not for our benefit … or our wellbeing,
That's for sure ….

The plumes of white …
Chemtrails ….
It's content disperses slowly
Into the air … into the clouds …
We breathe it
We drink it …
What is it doing to us?
How is it changing us … because change us it will …
(Matthew James Nov 2011)