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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Keep driving! Jeep speeds past seafront as huge waterspout heads inland

Daily Mail: 'It may have looked like something out of a disaster movie - but the Jeep driver passing through was probably under no illusions to the very real threat posed by this gigantic waterspout. The amazing natural phenomenon, which is created when tornadoes form above the sea, was spotted earlier today along the shoreline near Batemans Bay, which is 140 miles (225km) south of Sydney. Also known as 'water twisters', they form when layers of cool air blowing over the water cause warm, moist air to sweep up from underneath, which then creates a swirling column of condensation. They can move as fast as 80 miles an hour and inside winds can spiral from 60 to 120 miles an hour. Out on the water, they can cause considerable damage to coral reefs and marine life and pose a very real threat to boats, aircraft and more>>>...