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Friday, 16 November 2012

What is Enochian Magick?

The Llewellyn Journal: 'In the Beginning, the Creator fashioned the world via a series of divine words. These words were then written in letters of fire upon a series of celestial tablets called the Book of the Speech From God. That Book contains the celestial language of creation, the keys to the gates of heaven and all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe—past, present and future. It appears in many different forms in religions around the world—variously called the Heavenly Tablets, the Tablets of Destiny, the Book of the Secrets of God, the Book of Life, the Book of the Lamb, the Book of Thoth, the Akashic Records, and even Book T (or Tarot). In the Garden of Paradise, Adam fluently spoke the celestial language recorded in the Book. With it, he held familiar conversation with both God and angels and also gave true names to all created things. However, when Adam lost his place in Paradise, he also lost his knowledge of the sacred tongue—he could no longer easily speak with the angels. However, so he might communicate with his family, he created a primordial human language based on his best (yet flawed) memories of the celestial more>>>...