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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Symbolism And How To Interpret The Symbols Received

This is probably one of the hardest "concepts‟ of Mediumship to grasp and master. The majority of mediumship communications involve symbols of one type or another. The skill here is the ability to successfully interpret these symbols that have been conveyed by spirit and dispatch the message implied by the symbol! Not an easy task. Take the image of the leaping salmon on the right … as a „typical‟ example of a symbol that can be received during a message.

Take a few moments to ponder what the symbol might mean to you personally ….

(1) A literal symbol of someone who might have been into fishing on the earth plane?

(2) A symbol referring to someone who is „fishing‟ for something in their life?

(3) Something that has come to light or come to the surface in their life at this time?

(4) Maybe it is a symbol that indicates someone is a „good catch‟ to lift their confidence?

(5) Or that they have got a good catch in a relationship?

(6) How about the shape or type of fish? Maybe freshly caught Salmon could have been someone‟s favourite food on the earth plane?
(7) Or it might refer to something of a dietary nature ???

Already, you can see the complexity of possibilities presented by just ONE symbol … it is a potential minefield . How is it best overcome? How, as a medium, do we know what is the right meaning for the symbol? Without trying to ask too many questions of the recipient of the message … how can we know that the interpretation of the symbol is the right one?

Copyright Matthew James Sept 2010 - extract taken from Practical Mediumship Training workshop notes. For more information on Intensive Mediumship Training workshops and self development mentoring contact Matthew James at