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Monday, 19 November 2012

Light Of Truth Oracle - "Inspiration for the Day"

Insight Meaning: “It’s time to realise you truly know what you know. Any sense of doubt or confusion must be left far behind. Now is the time to share your views and your insights with others. To let others see your strength and your determination. What is perceived by you at this time should exist beyond the judgment of others. Now is the time to act upon your viewpoint.”
Glyph Affirmation: “My wisdom is ageless and unchanging. To know my essence you must know nature itself … the forms of the world around you” 

Image: The card image is Long Meg standing stone Nr Penrith, Cumbria, UK. Long Meg circle remains the only active Druid circle in the UK. I would often venture to Long Meg circle for clarity and inspiration. The energy of these times are captured in the card image to infuse the querent with this clarity.

Copyright (All rights reserved) Matthew James September 2012