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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thought For The Day - "Are You In The Now?"

Where are you in the 'NOW'??? In this exact moment in time? What observations can you make in the moment? How are you feeling? Are you in control of your situation? Does freewill play a major or minor role in your life? Are you trapped in 'typical humanness' ... your mind dwelling in the past and looking to the future based on your experiences in the past? If this is the case ... you are clearly not in the NOW! You are not in the present. You cannot observe your life, your thoughts, your feelings ... and have control over them. If you are not in the NOW you cannot be spontaneous ... you cannot be totally connected to your right brain which is your spiritual self. This part of you is a NOW experience. Being controlled by the past, and fearing for the future are traits of the left brain. It is the R-Complex of the brain activating the survival software within your mind. You are reactive and fearful ... and most certainly not connected to your true self.

Life is supposed to be about spontaneity and observation. It is supposed to be the realm where we are able to permit our freewill to direct us to whatever, and wherever, we wish. For the majority of us, our freewill has been given away. Our day to day decisions are completely ruled by the past ... by the demands of our human experience. 

But how do we get into a NOW moment ... and permit life to be spontaneous once more? - Matthew James