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Monday, 19 November 2012

Countdown to 21.12.12 - 32 Days

Countdown to the 'End Of Time'
... 32 days and counting to the supposed end of time. Feeling the need to comment on the rather 'strange' weather systems that were experienced in early-mid November 2012. What followed the Frankenstein 'Perfect Storm' that hammered the US in late October/early November, was a barrage of powerful storms that lashed the coastline of Queensland, Australia. Sightings of the lights associated with HAARP intervention were reported on the W.W.W ...

On Sunday 18th November 2012, we were venturing through New South Wales in Australia, and found ourselves driving through a particularly strange looking weather system. The clouds were very much like a portal ... and there was a sense of a very slight clockwise motion to the clouds. There was an odd 'negative' and electromagnetic field feeling to the weather system. Hours later we read the new's reports of the Waterspout and storm that was sighted at Bateman's Bay at around the same time we had the strange weather system above our heads. As 'the crow flies' we're only about 20-25 mins away from Bateman's Bay ... therefore it was one and the same storm system ... it had a very strong sense of a Manufactured Storm to it. 

More and more of these weird weather systems may well lie ahead of us in the coming weeks ...