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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Respected Nurse Shuns Oncology and Radiation to Survive Breast Cancer

Waking Times: What does a lifelong healer and nurse do when confronted with the devastating news she has cancer?

After Marcelle Pick, an integrative OB/GYN nurse practitioner and founder of a renowned women’s clinic in Yarmouth, Maine, was diagnosed with a type of breast cancer, she had to make one of the most important decisions of her life: proceed with oncological treatment, or draw upon her knowledge and understanding of natural health to beat cancer on her own.

In 2008 she noticed a mass in one breast which proved cancerous, and even though she had extensive experience in the medical industry, she was weary of being sucked into a fear-based decision to undergo typical treatments which would certainly include radiation. Instead, she decided she would change her body in such a way that it simply would not recognize the cancer anymore. Seeking to address the root cause of cancer, rather than treat it by doing further harm to the body with chemotherapy and radiation, Marcelle explains that there is already a huge and ever-growing body of evidence showing how personal choices can make all the difference in the world. Also noting that sugar is one of the most problematic foods with cancer, she addresses the importance of making dietary changes, and gives insight into how the many stresses in modern life affect cancer more>>>...