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Friday, 20 January 2017

2016 Memories #7 - UK Native Birds

Not only was it magical to get back to familiar & favourite places last year, after a ten year absence, but it was also very pleasing to see familiar bird totems in the landscape around me.

The Grey Heron has been a personal bird totem of mine since I first began walking in the Lake District environs. Not surprise at all then that I sighted Grey Heron regularly during my UK return trips.

European Magpie was always in my life at one time. Prior to 2002 Magpie would be around me everywhere. European Magpie made itself known to me close by to the Wigan Canal. I'd gone for a walk, and there in front of me on the path was a young European Magpie watching me.

Jackdaw had always been present in my life prior to 2002. It was no surprise to be reunited with this powerful bird totem, and magical talisman, on numerous occasions during my return trips to UK places.

Raven, has always been one of my most prominent bird totems, but mainly on a supernatural level in the UK. It was only here in Australia that Raven made itself known to me on the physical level. Now I work extensively with this magic totem.  Raven first made itself known to me last year when I ventured on the terraces of Glastonbury Tor. A fantastic experience to have Raven hopping happily alongside me whilst I negotiated the steep terraces of my favourite place.