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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Word On "A Soul Numerology Year 9"

Your Soul numerology year commences Late-February to Late-February each year. Soul Numerology is based on the classic 9-year numerology cycle but has been uniquely developed by Matthew James over the last twenty-seven years.

The numerology cycle is based on where you on the wheel of life THIS particular year, and is gleaned from your birth date this year.

If your Year Vibration is a 9

A YEAR 9 is known as ‘The End of Chapter Year’. The Year 9 is what I term the ‘decluttering year’. We hoard so many old, and familiar, emotions and thought patterns that we never have any room left for new ways of thinking. If we always think the same, then we always react the same way in life, and our life never changes. Therefore, by decluttering our minds of old and outgrown thought processes, we can make space for new perceptions and new perspectives. This is basically the processes of the YEAR 9 in action. Somehow you must find a way to think differently in this year, to learn from your experiences in previous years and understand those thought processes and life experiences you no longer need, or have outgrown.

The YEAR 9 can be a daunting prospect if you are someone who can be termed a “thought hoarder”. If you find it hard to let go of familiar ideas and not able to ‘step outside of the box’. The best way to deal with a YEAR 9 is to consider new stimuli in life that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances consider.

Be outrageous or profound this year. Find yourself drawing up a dream board with hopes and wishes you wouldn’t normally consider! Think about different ambitions and enrol in new interests. That way you start to perceive life differently, and you are providing the universe with fresh scope and new horizons for your New Chapter Year next year ... Plan new ventures this year. Think about what you can be doing in the future that you have never done before. A Year 9 is not the year for significant new chapters taking place … it is the year to plan ahead. Plan realistic ventures that can nurture seeds of growth in the coming years.

The TOTEM ANIMAL for the YEAR 9 is the Buffalo which represents “Sacred Year”. The Sacred Year is a year of learning to let go of what is no longer necessary and the keeping only of those things sacred to the soul.

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