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Friday, 27 January 2017

The Shining Star Revisited

We are currently reviewing the Daily Merlin Insights undertaken back in 2007 ... the Shining Star has still to come home. Our involvement in the Madeleine McCann mystery has seemingly ceased in recent months/years ... however, we still have the entire record of Daily Merlin Insight, undertaken by Matthew James, at our disposal. It is a matter of working our way back through the histrionics of the case, and presenting it with a fresh approach in the coming months.

We are also hoping to have new insights undertaken to cast light on current events and re-assess what may have happened back in 2007.

So bear with us, please. It is a long and arduous process to review every Daily Merlin Insight ... there are well over 200 on file!So its going to take time to work out the characters of the insights and decode the encryptions added by Matthew James to protect the well being of the case ... there are sensitive areas that are not known to the general public, which have been touched upon and had to be removed as requested by faces close to the centre of the mystery.