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Monday, 30 January 2017

Magician's Gambit

Be careful with what you are thinking right now. They are creating your future. The perceptions coursing through your awareness right now, created by your thought processes  come from the past. If you think the same, then your life stays the same. Its simple. If you are not aware of this manifestation process then you will carry on thinking in the same way, and wonder why your life doesn't change.

Action follows thought, it is the cog in the wheel. The PC, laptop or phone that enables you to read this post was once a thought in someone's head. That thought enabled the action, or the manifestation, which created your PC, laptop or phone. It is as true as that.

To change your future, you have to be aware of the repeating thought processes that trap you in a metaphysical mire. You must become aware of what thought, and what perception, is creating the looping experiences in your life. Then you de-clutter your mind space - like clearing junk out of a computer hard drive. Then you have the space to think differently.

When you think differently, surprise, surprise, your life begins to change. So always remember, what you think at any one moment in your present is creating and manifesting your future. Add to this the principle of what I call projecting point Z when at Point A, without being concerned about points B to Y .. something I call "Magician's Gambit", way to successfully map out your future. Focus on the end result and let the universe fill in the gaps, basically.

Add to this the process, of being in two places at one time, and really believe your end result is already happening ... and you gain an idea of how to 'manifest the future that is right for you'. You have to really let your sub-conscious know that the future, the end result, is happening simultaneously with your present day ... no mean task for many of you. I call this skill bi-location and it is a form of remote viewing, but different. It is a little like having a twin existing in your future, sharing the same mind space as you.

So your thoughts are really important. They control your passage through this earth plane experience. And it is imperative to be able to comprehend the effect of external stimuli on your perceptions, and know how your perceptions determine how you are going to think ...