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Thursday, 19 January 2017

PM bangs the drum for post-Brexit Britain in speech to power elite in Davos but delivers stark warning that they MUST heed anger about immigration and inequality

Daily Mail: Theresa May banged the drum for post-Brexit Britain in a speech to the power elite in Davos today - but also took them to task for failing to heed fears about immigration and inequality.

In an outspoken ultimatum to corporate titans and politicians at the annual gathering, the Prime Minister said they had 'ignored the legitimate concerns' of the public for too long.

The far left and far right were offering 'easy answers' and feeding off the sense that struggling families are being left behind while the wealth thrive.

Mrs May made clear the bosses had to pay their taxes - insisting they had to 'play by the same rules as everyone else'.

But the premier also made a broad pitch to position the UK as a champion of free trade and commerce, saying the country now had a 'unique opportunity' to lead a new agenda for social more>>>..