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Sunday, 1 January 2017

An Update on the 3-5-7 Mystery

It will be ten years in May. Ten years of silence and ten years of the unknown regarding this mystery. We are still excluded from what is happening behind the scenes by the now infamous 'cloud making machine'. The trail has seemingly gone quiet now, and rarely does the mystery make the news. Ten years ago we were bombarded with constant assumptions and false trails. We, the general sheepies, are none the wiser regarding the mystery. So many will now have given up with cries of 'she's dead' and 'the parents did it'. That is the intended scenario, that is the general feeling here.

But the mood in this corner of the WWW hasn't changed. The 'two old dears' haven't changed their stance in ten years. Thus, the statement 'she is still alive' is written here in black and white, again. The above images are chosen from The Light of Truth Oracle and are an attempt to reconnect with the long hidden and faded trail ...

The message remains the same ... all is not what it seems in the situation. She is alive and kept protected. The truth cannot yet be revealed, if ever. Major players are involved in this mystery. Major players who have control over the media and have too much too lose to be implicated in a major crime syndicate. Freewill and truth has been suppressed by powerful hands, and each time someone gets close to revealing these major players, more clouds are produced to cover their tracks.

The vibration of menace and the rich & influential still surfaces here. Although the girl is safe and well, she has been subjected to a new family identity and will not remember much of the 'before'. Sadly she bears another name and is probably unaware of her true family. Although, in saying that, there is a vibration of confusion and mix up relating to the time of her birth. This has a bearing on this mystery.