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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Current Trend

This is a similar rant to what I've said before. But it's true and very relevant to what is happening at this time in many corners of the world. There IS a major awakening going on. With this awakening comes numerous levels of awareness and comprehension of its mechanisms. There are forces who are in favour of the awakening, which will promote its existence. Equally, there are forces out there who do not wish the awakening to be occurring, who are powerless to prevent the universal transformation, so will do their utmost to put the covers on it as much as they can.

My rant is regarding those who 'peddle their wares' ... who promote their ability to teach and awaken others to this transformation, when they barely understand it themselves, or have but a whisper of that voice speaking to them. It is as the image says ... 'to learn from a novice, is to become a novice'. Would you employ student doctor, who is in his first week of medical school, to remove a tumour from your brain? NO you wouldn't. Yet people go to 'spiritual teachers', who have little or no experience of their own, for guidance and training. These people can only develop to the level of these 'teachers' and no further. The slight whisper of transformation blown in the mind of the novice psychic will become an even lesser, and often confused, whisper in the mind of their students. It is an alarming fact ... and it is taking place at this time ...

It will not always be the case, once the awakening reaches a higher state of transformation, these novice teachers will fall by the wayside. But that is in a very uncertain future, not yet written that lies ahead of us. Those more adept in the understanding of the transformation, however frustrated they may be at this point in time, will have their chance to use the wisdom they have been gathering for the best part of their lives. Their time will come. Mark my words - Matthew James