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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Simple Message

The Novice Teachers are truly not ready to deal with the light of the truth. They attract others like themselves who hear only the first bells from the music of the transformation. They do not know, and are not ready to know. The fall of a white feather, is just that, it is not a message from a supernatural force. Get real. Control the ego. Do not let it connect with parts of the akasha where bullshit lies. The astral plane is littered with those crazy notions and claims. They do not represent the light from the realms of truth.

Get real, wake up and realise you are not ready to teach, when you barely can explain it to yourself.

 Reading it on the internet, or becoming a clone of the accepted myths, does not make you unique or true to self. It makes you just another to carry the flame of that force which wishes to prevent the human one from the realisation of its true nature. You are nothing more than an agent of the -ve force.

The light of truth hardly shines in their awareness, their natures do not vibrate that frequency. They contained within the bundle of those who all appear the same. From a higher plane they all appear the same. There is no uniqueness. They all follow each other's tails. They tread the same grass that those that follow later eat. They drink from the same dirty pool.

A simple message, the ego has to be subdued and controlled. Its crazy notions, ruled by conforming to the world around, must be suppressed. Stop seeking adoration, or recognition. Spirituality is not a game or a competition. It is something nurtured. It cannot be bought. It cannot be learned in a few training courses. All those crazy notions your ego surfaces in your mind, that seem so real (The false ego can be so convincing) ... need to be silenced. And when there is nothing left .... when you sit in an empty space with no name and no identity. With no sense of anything with a feeling all has been lost ... welcome, the true work can then begin. Until you experience the emptiness of the long dark night of the soul ... you are not ready to have the responsibilities of other souls, and the ability to change their lives - Matthew James