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Saturday, 22 June 2013

'All Hope Was Lost'

Our astronomers gave us the sorry news. Our sister world had indeed left the bounds of her orbit around our world. She was currently heading off in a new orbit which led her away from us. All hope was lost. The planetoid would now be in orbit around our world. The magnetic effect laid down by elders of the temple would now be a reality. Mighty changes would now be afoot on the surface of our world. There would soon be flooding on a gigantean scale. Tidal waves sufficiently high enough to drown continents were on their way. There would be near total cloud cover over our world. The rain that then would follow would be on such a scale the water levels of our world would rise dramatically. These floods would be upon us within five years. We had thus to prepare.

The flooding came. The rains came. The tidal waves came. By then we had fled to an area of the land outside of the middle earth basin. I recall the endless night, the endless rain. The misery and the sorrow which lasted for hundreds of years. When the flood water abated and the rains ceased, finally, the middle earth basin was gone. It had become replaced by a tiny ocean. All evidence of our culture was sunk without trace.

Our temples, our homes - all lost. But we remained. Our legacy lived on. (Extract taken from THE CHRONICLES OF EZRA copyright Matthew James 2002)