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Friday, 28 June 2013

Invasion of the body snatchers: Big Food wants your soul!

Natural News: Put it this way, the phrase "everything in moderation" doesn't work anymore. The cumulative effect of consuming toxins is overwhelming human bodies in no time now, and the short term effects of "everything in moderation" includes cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and more. Bodies are being invaded by mainstream food toxins like never before in the history of mankind, and most doctors will never blame food as the culprit, but consumers are waking up fast, and realizing that toxic food, beverages and skin care account for more than 90 percent of health problems. Big Food wants your body. It's a cold cash machine when its sick and dying, and the invasion of the body snatchers isn't some Hollywood horror film from the 1950s or the 1970s; it's daily life in America and most "first world" countries.

If you turn your head the other way, and say that eating healthy is too much "work," then your body will be snatched up by the food villains, namely that team of co-conspirators of the shockingly cancerous food industry. Let's review: Gluten is toxic food glue which sticks to your insides. GMO is pesticide, herbicide and insecticide inside of food, which cannot be washed off or boiled, broiled or baked away. Artificial sweeteners are the Trojan horse of the sugar industry, and the human body is fooled by the sweet taste into ingesting these synthetic chemical food "agents" which cause a host of diseases. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) disrupts the central nervous system and creates feelings of anxiety and promotes migraine headaches.Fluoridated water means the water contains forms of bleach, insecticide and heavy metals like aluminum, which destroy brain cells and can permanently damage cleansing organs. Bleached food, like white bread, flour, sugar, rice, pasta and even coffee filters overwhelm the liver, the pancreas, the bladder and the prostate glands, sending you straight into unaffordable hospital "care." ... read more>>>..