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Sunday, 30 June 2013

'The Form Of Water'

The doorway, the keys, the chance to be released,
A series of realisations that only your spirit will recognise,
The form of water will only submit to the broadcast from the orbiting world
Again and again it will refuse …
It will resist the truth that the form of light decrees

And there was a potent point I can recall, raised by Osiris during my time under his instruction. It is so relevant to what is taking place in this reality and this time:

"The human form is predominately made up of water; the rebel planetoid will most surely have ultimate control over the water molecules on this world. They have devised the human form to conduct electricity through the water by way of the salt deposits within the cells. Thus the biodynamics of the human form will be changed when those transmission begin. That is their intention. To gain over-riding control of each and every human through the transmission of electromagnetic impulses sent from the planetoid to your DNA … impulses which will be broadcast through your form of water … the cell salts creating the electricity to transmit it to each and every cell.

And most certainly they will contaminate the waters of our world with similar salts in order to use the waters of this world to further generate their illusion. This world is about to become a plane of lunar delusion … mark my words."

Extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' copyright Matthew James