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Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Is Humanimal Communication?

It is an evolved form of communication between humans and animals that enables humans to hear, understand and work directly with the consciousness of their animal companions or neigbouring wild species so as to create a 'living example' of true inter-species co-creation. While most people envision taking a few pets into their homes to be a co-existent reality, inter-species co-creation is in fact a vastly different reality than mere co-habiting. To co-habit with an animal while remaining fully in control of an animal's destiny, including governing their emotional experiences based on human driven activities alone is not true inter-species co-existence. Inter-species co-existence is a process whereas humans must vibrationally and behaviorally accept the living reality and perspectives of the animals with whom they co-habit, and then both species co-design the lives they are living out together. This process of stepping up behaviorally to create a true co-creative reality requires a shift in consciousness that to date remains highly challenging to the ego structures of most humans. This challenge is directly related to the evolutionary level of mass human consciousness. Most humans live in a state of vibrational clog, whereas their intuitive and psychic abilities to perceive any reality other than their own remains a daunting task to break beyond. It is the human souls who are able to awaken and tap into their natural psychic heritage that are paving the way to rebalancing the planetary imbalances via inter-species more>>>...