Search A Light In The Darkness

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Crystal Chamber

I was directed to a part of the temple I had never been in before. Along dank and cold corridors I was taken. I shivered as I wandered, the elder beside me quiet. We arrived eventually in a bare white walled room. There was nothing in it not even a chair to sit on.

He bid me to sit down in the centre. I did. While I waited I began to sense the room to be some kind of ante-chamber. Because I didn’t know what to expect I had no preconceptions, though I was aware of some kind of ritual being followed.

The wall ahead of me silently slid open and three purple robed priests walked through. The middle one I recognised from somewhere but couldn’t recall. I watched as two moved over to me and indicated I had to take off my robe. I did their bidding then stood up when they indicated.

I followed the three priests through the doorway watching the portal close silently behind us. There was no mechanism of any distinction to hint at how the portal opened or closed. It mattered not anyway. I turned my attention back to the priests and followed them down a flight of worn dusty steps. Down into the bowels of the earth. I was now curious.

A piercing whistle like sound began in my head. It grew louder as we descended still further. Louder still and louder until it was almost unbearable. I put my hands to my ears. Relax child, ye will get used to it in time, a voice spoke in my head.

I relaxed.

Then we arrived at what I presumed was our destination. A circular room with a dusty floor with four exits including the one we had just come down. The cavern was lit by some unknown light source. One of the priests handed me a light blue robe which I put on quickly. I then sat on the ground with the three priests standing over me. From ahead of us another priest arrived. A ritual was about to begin judging by the way he was cleansing the room with incense.

The three priests above me began to hum a mantra quickly until their sound became a tangible force. I felt myself lifting out of myself in a controlled way. Then, just as I was about to leave my body the chanting stopped.

One of the priests then uttered a single word - atu - and headed off in the direction of the incense carrier, quickly followed by another.

The remaining priest then bid me to stand and follow his lead into another exit and along a cold corridor. Ahead of us I could see a bright light.

We entered another chamber and I gasped in surprise. The chamber was full of laser lights caused by shards of an unknown light source bouncing off the large crystal clusters in the chamber. In the centre of the chamber was a slightly raised podium.