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Sunday, 23 June 2013

'The Historic Lie'

Not long after the first of the preparation affirmations news was received that struck like the shadow of death in our hearts. The cult of Belial was preparing to exterminate us. One of the food bearers had projected herself onto Atlan Island and had overheard a public speech by one of the cult members. The Sons Of Belial had declared there had been an uprising and that we were the source of the displeasure and famine on the islands. Thus the Sons Of Belial were intent on our destruction. They declared us as evil and servants of the darkness. Us! What a contradiction.
Thus it would go down in history that we, the children of the one, would be the cause of the second fall of Atlantis. It would be written that the uprising began below ground in the caverns by a rebel force who refused to comply with the government and its laws. How fitting. The TRUE rebels. The TRUE servants of the darkness would declare the preservers of the truth as the enemy. It would be the start of a trend of accusations that would become part of The Sons Of Belial’s reportage in the eons that would follow.

Thus, we had very little choice. We would have to leave or face extermination. The legacy had to be preserved. It could not be written down, else Belial would learn of our intentions further. Luckily, the members of our group who left had been unruly and untrustworthy - thus they had been shown little of the inner workings of the legacy. Their assigned circle had been on one of the outermost circles. What they would have learned Belial would already know
(Extract taken from The Chronicles Of Ezra - copyright Matthew James)